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By. Benedict, Kenny, Joshua, Chevin and Jason


It was some students first time participating school program to hike mount. Actually at the first time some of them really don’t like hiking cause itsgonna be so tiring and they feel so lazy for it although they really love sport very much. But finally they love it. The students who join this program will share about their journey. This is it!

Last 2 weeks precisely on 25th August we hike to mount Prauin Wonosoboat 15:00 pm. We started from the feet of mount Prau and prepare all the belongings at the basecamp like, water 3L, sleeping bag, foods and other stuff that is needed when we are at the top, on the way to the top or on the way to the bottom. It was a fun, scary, exciting, tiring, cold and painful expirience. The first day we decided to hike the mountain at noon because last time they hike at evening so it is kind of hard to see the road.

So, we hike at noon about 3 o’clock we hike with efforts, spirit and a can do attitude. But! when we were about to hike we found something that should not be there. STAIRS!! We have to clime those stairs, it was hard, but we managed to reach post 1 with 5-7 breaks. then we move on from post 1 to post 2. But what do we found again? yes, it is STAIRS!! they just don’t stop showing.

On our way to the 2nd post we encountered many little shops. They sold some honey to keep your energy high up, some bamboos, you use it as a walking stick and other things. And so we continue our journey to the top. After climbing about two and a half hours we got to the top, it was about 6pm. At the top, we do what almost all hikers do, rest for a minute. After taking a rest we built up our tent, but it was so hard and we must move a tent that has been built elsewhere so that it can stand upright.

On August 26thin the morning the peak of mount prau the wind is blowing very fast. even tho we have a slightly extreme weather we still managed to get some pictures. After we took some pictures we get back to the tent and eat porridge. Then we pack all our things, we knocked down the tent, took some more picture and then we are going down. This is the scariest thing when climbing a mountain. And also the other hikers are so kind and friendly.

After we hike mount prau and go down from mount prau, we visited 2 more places in Wonosobo. The first place we visited is Telaga Warna. In Telaga Warna we spotted 2 giant pool or normal people say it lake, 1 is clear blue water and 1 is brown. We still have to climb to get a better view, and you know what, the stairs are also there. After reaching the top, we took some pictures with the lake, just like that.

And the 2ndplace we go is Kawah Sikidang. It was a place full of sulfur smell, they said it smells of sulfur, butwe said it smells of boiled eggs. This time they got no stairs but we still have to climb some more, and the top is quite steep. We also took some pictures there, and we, well actually our teacher is the only one who bought a souvenir from kawah sikidang. This is our experience of climbing mount Prau, visiting Telaga warna and Kawah Sikidang, it was fun, and also tiring. What an experience. That’s the art of hiking. The tired we have will be payed after reaching the top.


We love this program, we as a student only spent our time on studying but also refreshing for good. There’s so many things that we got from this program is that we got an experience, a body vit, be autonomous and be tough.

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