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PENABUR PLUS: What are the PLUS values?

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25 Agustus 2017 - 15:23:12 Posted by admin / Kategori : Umum / Hits : 497

I got many questions about SMP Plus everytime I met new guest. "What is the meaning of  plus", they usually asked.

Among PENABUR’s schools, SMP Plus could be named as a new school. SMP Plus was established to answer the need of progressive, international standard educations especially in Cirebon.

The PLUS values of SMP Plus can be mentioned as below:

1. Character of confidency and responsibility

In schools, the systeem is planned to gain students character especially confidency and responsibility. In all subject, students presentation is a must. By presentation, students train to be confident in delivering idea and other personal response.

By performances, students have time to show their talents.

To strengthen students character in responsibility, some of activity was designed. Retret, live ini, teen fellowship are the example.

2. The need of school where English use as subject delivering and daily conversation.

In SMP Plus most subjects delivered and transfered in English. The curriculum is combination between national and international standard curriculum.

3. Mastering in Information andTechnology.

In SMP Plus, the teaching learning use a leading IT systeem. Google classroom is one of the istrument that we used. By using the apps students are able to implement the up to date technology in education.

4. Enterpreneurship

SMP Plus also train the students to have enterpreneur mentality. Student’s consule now have a store to be used as enterpreneur workshop. 


Those are the PLUS values of SMP Plus PENABUR Cirebon. Education is a lifetime process, PLUS values are the ways.Blessings.

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